Steps to Run a Restaurant|What attractive about restaurants in Phnom Penh

What attractive about restaurants in Phnom Penh


Steps to Run a Restaurant

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Six Basics Steps to Start Running a Restaurant

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Do you ever have a dream or plan on running your own restaurant? Running a restaurant, however, is not a simple thing to complete even when you have enough money to start one. Here are the six basics processes to start running a restaurant on your own.

Build your restaurant concept

Building a restaurant concept can be considered as a very first or primary step before you can work on other steps. You may ask yourself what kind of a restaurant you want to run? Whether it is a simple eatery on the sidewalk? Whether it is a typical restaurant which serves buffet or ordering foods? A pub? Or a high class restaurant? After that, in the concepting process, you also need to decide on what type of food you want your restaurant to serve or start writing up the menus of your restaurant. Ask yourselves if you want to serve foreign foods such as French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Khmer food? Or perhaps you want to serve some dessert such as ice cream, some drink, cake, or others? The, you can start up naming your restaurant to fit to your restaurant's menu. No matter how small or simple you want your restaurant to be, you just cannot avoid this step before running a restaurant.

Find Location for your restaurant

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After you have decide on the concept of your restaurant, now it is time for you to look for a suitable location of your restaurant. Ask yourselves whether the foods you serve fit to students more or adult more? Or you may try to find some place place that can attract both teenagers and adults. You can open a restaurant nearby the town, in a big shopping mall, next to a school or in some business zone where there are a lot of people visit more often. The reason why you need to decide carefully on the location because you do not want to waste your time and capital when your restaurant did not run well in the future. Therefore, this can be the second step you need to think of when running a restaurant.

Start writing the business plan of your restaurant.

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Starting to write a plan for your restaurant is very important for a new business starters. First of all, it may help you to see clearer into some problems that might possibly happen in the near future. For example, the concept of your restaurant did not suitable for the location you choose for your restaurant to be landed. Or perhaps, you do not have enough capital to start running a restaurant like this all in once. And there are a lot of more problems you may see once you propose a plan for your business. This step is normally required for any type of business because in order to avoid some obstacles and smoothly run your business, you need to plan carefully.

Search for financing


After concepting, finding location, and planning your business, now it is the time for you to start searching for financial support. Do you have enough money on running a restaurant on your own? Or do you have some and still have some difficulties in finding another half? Whom do you think can help you to successfully running a restaurant? What about your family, friends, or finding some investors to invest in your restaurant? Or have you ever thought of borrowing money from the bank? There are the questions you should ask yourselves when it comes to this stage. You may ask some information regarding borrowing some loan from the bank that provide the lowest interests, or maybe you can find some friends, the trustworthy one to be your investors.