What attractive about restaurants in Phnom Penh


Steps to Run a Restaurant

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You may ask yourself what kind of a restaurant you want to run? Whether it is a simple eatery on the sidewalk? Whether it is a typical restaurant


Why Students Meet Up at Coffee


Coffee Roastery has also become very trendy for particular group of people, especially students, when it comes to reunion or group meetings.


Why Food Preparation is Important


it is going to show a few reasons why easy food preparation become very common and important to people's lifestyle in this twenty-first century.


What Teenagers Like about Restaurants in Phnom Penh

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What Teenagers Like about Restaurants in Phnom Penh

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The lifestyles of students in this 21st century is completely differents from those of teenegers in the past. To Cambodian youth, there are many new things that they have adopted from foreign countries such in term of clothes, musics, movies, and food. Restaurants in Phnom Penh is also one among the new trend that teenagers in the city started to enjoy exploring. Below are several things that teenegers like about the restaurants in Phnom Penh.


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Decoration is one of the most important parts for every restaurant's owners to start up their business. It is because of the fact that the level of creative decoration can attract more customers than they have ever expected. As can be seen that many restaurants in Phnom Penh has been modernized as the holders start to embellish their restaurants into something like the western one. Also, together with the teenagers' preference of modern things, this factor can contribute a lot to the restaurant's revenue.



Beside good decoration, any restaurants in Phnom Penh also have good environment to please every teenager to go there often. Normally, modern restaurants in the city possess silents and comfortable environment with air conditioner, painting, modern furniture equipped which is the pleasing point as well. Cambodian people, especially teenagers like to relax from works or studies at any roastery as this can delight up their mood and their tiredness.



On top of modern decoration and good environment, the taste of food also matters. Nowadays most restaurants in Phnom Penh do not serve the same taste as others. They update their food to some western taste such as most of the restaurants start to serve fast food and the taste is being developed to better and better. Moreover, you can see how they serve coffee in most of coffee shop in the city. The taste of coffee has become greaters and the food decoration is also improved.

Free Wifi

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Most restaurants in Phnom Penh always have accessed to wifi and the customers can enjoy using free wifi when they go there. This is very essential for every business in this information technology era as everyone, mainly teenagers always have their phones or laptops on hand being enjoy surfing internet or doing research. Moreover, having wifi available may be the reason why most teenagers like to meet up their friends or their group works over there. It is believed that without the internet or having a low speed of internet at the restaurants can be a problem or can reduce their customers.